TYPE M GLASS BALLS (Medium precision)

Glass balls type M have a medium precision, very suitable for applications as mill element for pigments, optic industry and aerosols. They present an excellent resistance to corrosion.

They are manufactured only with soda-lime glass, with a habitual range between 1,5 and 25 mm, being able to take place in diameters superior low order.

Range: 1,5 to 25 mm(Diámetros superiores bajo pedido)

Tolerance changes according different sizes:

  • 1,5mm - 3,00mm =+/-0,2mm
  • 4,00mm - 7,00mm = +/-0,3mm
  • 8,00mm - 9,00mm = +/- 0,4mm
  • 10,00mm -25mm = +/-0,5mm

tYPE P GLASS BALLS (High precision)

These balls can reach a high precision, for this reason are specially suitable in bearing production and valves.

Available in soda-lime glass and borosilicate glass (Pyrex), last one presents a bigger resistance to corrosion.

Range: 1 to 50 mm Standard tolerance +/-0,02mmStandard sphericity: 0,02 mm max.